Choosing The Best Wireless Printer

HAVE YOU SEEN THE DURACELL DRY BATTERY AD, THE INDIAN VERSION?? IT LASTS LONGER- The Punch line, where rabbits running  with Duracell batteries win the race. Should we say that Duracell batteries are the best, if it justifies the LONG BATTERY LIFE feature? No, we can’t. There are Rechargeable batteries which last even longer / recharge & live up to  & ten times, the life of a normal battery cell.



So, in Today’s cut throat competition & amongst so many players, each player uses  one special feature as a genuine Marketing Gimmick or a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) & cashes on it. Be it building a brand or acquiring a market share, this survival policy helps & also creates a niche for the product. Hence, we can assume that every product is unique & gains a marketplace, but, we can’t say that, it is the best. There is one more feature, which another product sports & is unique and it’s best for it.

So, we would treat this discussion with the same Philosophy. As stated earlier, every product has a USP, which is unique in itself. We should consider following points, while ranking any printer, as best.

There are some general features which each & every product in that category has. All customers, oversee but, yes, require those features & may take them present as the default.

We maintain so many records about our customers. MIS is maintained & latest CRM is a tool to interact with the customer. The concept of 720″ appraisal involves the Client or Customer to be one of the Appraisers. Out of that, we could identify the features, which every customer opted for, knowingly or unknowingly.


Then, there are special features, which may be Product/Brand or Industry specific. These features should be noted & kept in mind. Here, the Product under consideration is Wireless Printer. It could be the best for some & some may not care two hoots for it. Here, we should consider, what are the features, which make the best wireless printer and were present in all the number of Units sold.

An ideal or the answer to,”CHOOSING THE BEST WIRELESS PRINTER” would be an amalgam of all the features mentioned above & which would do wonders, in TIMES to comeThen, features like, A built-in Router, as in Epson, or (LASER OR INKJET), the nature of technology, could be considered as Special features.

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